Featured Games

Featured Games

Civilization and empire

AGE of Interactive games

Burst blocks

A very interesting interactive game of pranks.

Sprint Karting

A racing competition bullet screen interactive game.


The hottest live streaming tricky game.

Princess Guard

Comic style confrontation game

King Duel

Fantasy themes interactive game

Rivers-Lakes Duel

kung fu tug of war Interactive gameplay

Frostflames Poetry

Decompression Ball Adversarial Game.

Graffiti Battle

This is a very stress relieving interactive gameplay

Kung Fu Duel

Chinese martial arts confrontation game

Elves Battle

A magical and confrontational barrage game.

Heroes Warriors

A 2D martial arts confrontation game.

Color Fortress

Occupy interactive gameplay with 4 factions

Chees Battle

Cat and Mouse Adversarial Game

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Business Introduction

A new gaming method carried by the live broadcast platform. Different from traditional gaming methods, the audience does not need to download the game. They can drive and control the game directly by liking, sending bullet screens or rewarding gifts in the live room. This allows real-time interaction between the anchor and the audience, the audience and the audience, and even between anchors. High frequency of likes, comments and gifts will quickly get the live broadcast room recommended and exposed by the live broadcast platform, thus helping the anchor or guild to quickly gain income!
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